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 grammy_22 praise report

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PostSubject: grammy_22 praise report   grammy_22 praise report EmptyTue Oct 12, 2010 11:11 pm

(1:49 PM) grammy_22: hello to all and GB

(1:50 PM) grammy_22: to everyone who sent their prayers for me i would like to say thank you and it worked in the most wonderful ways

(1:51 PM) grammy_22: my pain has been relieved and the situation i was in has been made much better

(1:52 PM) grammy_22: i know with everything in me it was all of the voices raised in prayer

(1:52 PM) grammy_22: i testify here and now to the power of prayers

(1:53 PM) grammy_22: Glory b to the Lord above
(1:53 PM) grammy_22: truely
(1:53 PM) grammy_22: nothing worked to help me in my hour of need until i hit my knees

(1:54 PM) grammy_22: to give my burdens up to the Lord in prayer and to trust Him to see all made right is when the pain left me

(1:55 PM) grammy_22: my gkids r safe and sound and with family and the person who was responsible for causing the pain has been delt with
(1:55 PM) grammy_22: for the first time in 2 wks i have relief
anewnameinglory: praise the lord
(1:56 PM) grammy_22: and i again thank you for ur kind words and prayers

(1:57 PM) grammy_22: the fellowship and the wisdom i found here was the key to my salvation from the storm life i was experiencing

(1:57 PM) grammy_22: i just wanted to say that

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grammy_22 praise report Empty
PostSubject: Re: grammy_22 praise report   grammy_22 praise report EmptyWed Oct 13, 2010 1:20 pm

Amen.. Thank u Lord
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grammy_22 praise report
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