Footsteps of The Carpenter

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Headmaster Admin Training Dpt.
Headmaster  Admin Training Dpt.

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PostSubject: Grammy_22    Wed Sep 15, 2010 6:55 pm

Heavenly Father,

first I thank you.. For being the God who Hears.. the God who saves, and the God who moves.
Father I ask you to hear our prayer for this family. We pray for Grammy Lord, that she would be
a Mother whos faith was lit a blaze. Lord reach out and cover her with your holy spirit that she may
be in comfort. Father Mosses didnt know how to speak, but you spoke for him, and we pray lord
you would fill her mouth with your words. When she speaks lord may you guide her words.

Lord you have shown us you are the God who saves. And we pray right now for
salvation for her son Roel. We lift up and cover this boy, his wife and their child with the holy spirit.
We anoint them spiritually father with the spirit and speak truth to this family. We come against every
demonic force upon them, we come against every lie of islam and atheism. We come against Every
princapallity over their home. The rulers of the air we speak against all of these in the Saving name

Father you have shown us you are the God who moves.
And we pray that you would move through this family.. From the mother, who burns the midnight oil
in prayer, lord calling them to a home church, To the son and daughter, moving them to becoming a
husband and wife in relationship with the lord. to their children. Father we pray for an anointing to fall
upon this family.

We speak peace to them, comfort, and guidance. Father we pray that you would wake up prayer
warriors and that many would join in prayer for this family. In the name of Jesus we Pray amen and amen!

Sord Dude

It is not what is in front of you.....
It is not what lays behind you....
But what is IN you that matters....

Author Unknown
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PostSubject: Re: Grammy_22    Thu Sep 16, 2010 1:49 am

lord i ask in the name of jesus you touch this family lord this son who thinks he wants to change to muslim.i ask lord you touch send your holy spirit lord right now in the name of jesus.lord whatever it takes to wake this boy to shake him and drawl him bk to you.lord cover that family with your blood the children lord if any i ask you touch in a way as only u can that that whole family will come in unity and go to a church filled with your love and your preciouse holy spirit a god fearing church lord let them fallow down the straight and narrow path and not the path of destruction. i ask lord you touch this mom grammy let her find a church and that many christians will unite in prayer with her for her family.lord i ask in jesus name that you confort her and that you tk the pain shes having away from her that she wont feel bad but realize the only thing she can do is pray.lord give her a sweet peace in knowing its in your hands.that she cant choose for him that the choise is you say were 2 or more is gatherd in your name you will be there in the midst so lord here we are were asking and agree in faith believing for this miricle for a family to turn there lifes around and drawl towerd jesus name amen amen amen
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Admin / Prayer~Warrior
Admin   /     Prayer~Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: Grammy_22    Thu Sep 16, 2010 3:30 pm

Heavenly Father, I thank you for your precious Son.In him we have been reconciled to you.Lord we know that you are not a man,and you won't lie.So when your word says you make all things good,you will.Lord I lift Gammy's son to you.He has been deceived by satan"s tool.The faith,called Islam.Lord Gammy knows her son's decision is not good.The choices he is making are not good. Father I ask you to remove the scales from his eyes.Open his heart to your precious son.Lord I ask that you speak to gammy.Abe Lincoln said the hand that rocks the cradle rulls the world.He knew there is no greater power than the power of a kneeling mother to affect her childrens lives.So we know You make all things good,and if they are not good right now ,than you have just not finished what your doing.Give Gammy the peace to rest in you.Help her to go to war against this satanic attack on her her to call the hearts of her children back to you,in her time with you.Help her to take a stand for righteousness.By not allowing any of that satanic islam in her home.Not the prayers not the teaching.Help her to so hate the sin that her heart breaks with love as she carries her child once again to you.Until dear Lord she stand's with him in victory.In Jesus name I pray.
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PostSubject: Re: Grammy_22    Fri Sep 17, 2010 7:42 pm

Lord i lift grammy to you in prayer as i know u know her needs and ask that u confort her and i stand in agreeance with the prayers already posted.. and that you help her son come back to you Lord as u are the only way to salvation.,.. in your wonderfull mighty & Holy name...Amen
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PostSubject: Re: Grammy_22    

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