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 Contact the Room Owners.

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Headmaster Admin Training Dpt.
Headmaster  Admin Training Dpt.

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Contact the Room Owners. Empty
PostSubject: Contact the Room Owners.   Contact the Room Owners. EmptyTue Sep 15, 2009 2:36 pm

We understand from time to time there are troubles. Troubles with each other, or with the room, or what ever. lol

But we also want you to know that we value our visitors and their thoughts.
So if you have a comment, sugestion, complaint or problem or just want to
say hi. Feel free to click the link below and drop us a line.

Click Here to Contact the Owners

On a Side Note:

It has come to my attention several times over the last week that some one is saying somethings about
Kim, Me and our room. My friends Let me set the record straight on some thing. I dont care how many names
you have, how many rooms you go to , or what ever. lol

My concern is this... I was recently told this week "i cant go to your room, i was told by some one its not safe"
When i asked this person who said this, they replied with "i can not tell you."

Folks, Thats Gossip. the bible says if you have a problem with a brother Go to them.. It also says about leaders,(elders) "Bring not a charge against them," if there are not 2 or 3 witness's...

If you can not tell us who is telling you these things, then we can not address the problem. Further more.
The coward who is speaking against kim *a dying women* , and against this room is acting outside of
what God said to do. they have not come to us.. So If you are told some thing about this room or its owner,
i sugest you tell the gossiper to bugger off.

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It is not what is in front of you.....
It is not what lays behind you....
But what is IN you that matters....

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Contact the Room Owners.
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