Footsteps of The Carpenter

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 a message from my grandfather

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PostSubject: a message from my grandfather   Sun Jun 21, 2009 12:02 pm

I know inspirational stories are mostly about God. BUt I think also they are stories that you remember because they touched
you like nothing else. My grandfather was a story teller and no one can tell me that he didn't have any god in him. even though maybe no one
else and even he didnt think so, But I thought so. He is dead now but I still remember well and his stories and how he cared about people.
When he first married my grandmother he bought a house, his first house. he bought it from the sweat and dirt of his hands, he wasnt given
the money from any dead person or nothen. The house was pretty run down. My father was born there and my grandfather couldnt afford to
fix up the house until my father wasnt a baby no more. the imspirational thing for me about this wat I remember my grandfather saying
about his rundown house taught me dat really big fancy stuff dont matter . Just anything you work for and wat you love matters more
These are things wat he said about it
If I fix the step outside how can I hear you coming. It will not creak
If i fix the gaps under the eaves of the roof how willl i know its morning. I wont hear the birds scratching around
If I paint the walls they will not talk to me in layerd colors and tell me stories
If i fix the gap up by the window how can i hear the sounds in the woods and know the direction
of the winds
If this house gets to be only a bare frame and all I see are its ribs my heart is still there. (thats the part that
tells me it dont matter how much you have, its where your heart is wat matters)
So dats a story from my grandfather and i think he is pleased that I told it
and i hope one day when i get grandkids that I tell stories too
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PostSubject: Re: a message from my grandfather   Sun Jun 21, 2009 1:05 pm

amazing amazing ::Cheer::
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a message from my grandfather
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