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 poem about global warming

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PostSubject: poem about global warming   poem about global warming EmptySat Jun 20, 2009 11:11 pm

The mother polar bear sed wait here to her baby bear
she was going off to look for food
the baby waited lookin at the lights in da sky
thinkn wat a beautiful world.
suddenly there was a crack and the land broke
and the baby bear was floatin on an icy blue white lonley boat.
Same day a mother penguin in the south pole said
to her baby stay here and i'll go catch us some food
The penguin looked up over the antarctic sea
and saw a pod of whales swimming for their lives
Drawn down to the south by lure of food
but really it is a huge net and there is no escape.
The baby penguin sees cities with pollution for roof tops
He sees children standing in barren lands starving
He sees the fire of guns in wars where sons do not return
He sees rich people counting there millions and billions
and homeless guys scratchin around garbage looking for crumbs
He sees animals in cages pacing back and forth back and forth
dreaming their homelands and of freedom
Baby penguin sees bitter lands barren lands lands of trouble
He sees creation but not how God intended it to be
He sees miles and miles. thousands of miles
and then he sees a baby polar bear on an icy boat
Then theres a lloud crunch and crack and he realises
that hes on a boat to no where too
Where hes at the mercy of climate and nature
and he cries out to the worlds cities
with your greed your concrete jungles
your power and you forgot us
melting at the ends of the earth
ANd you forgot God
who never intended this to be
global carnage
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poem about global warming
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