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 Hearing God Talk..

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Level 2 Member

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PostSubject: Hearing God Talk..   Mon Mar 02, 2009 7:43 am

hi, im wondering if mabye u can tell me, how does god talk to you? like.. is it like ur concience? or....??? how do you tell gods voice from your own?

examples welcome Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Hearing God Talk..   Thu Mar 12, 2009 4:10 am

i was answering you and i lost the whole i hope it wont post 2 times and bore you.sometimes when i am going through something and I ask the Lord to help me.He will let a peace I can not understand come over me.and the soft sweet voice of God will just say stand its okay and it is okay I make it through.
I can tell its the Lord and not me because what ever is said always lines up with scripture,often it is the exact opposite of what would like to do. Another way I hear from God is reading my bible.Sometimes when I read I find the answer right there in his word.Another way i can here from God is someone else may share a scripture that God revealed to them for their situation or share how God helped them through something like what I am facing. and it is the exact answer to my prayer.Let me give you an example of another way God talks to us.Last Thursday we had a short lesson and we had a man visiting our room ( I think for the first time ) as Joshua was giving the lesson this man interrupted and said oh no way.My wife and I were just talking to God tonight in our prayers and we asked God what to do and then I come in here and you are preaching the answer to my situation. And Lastly there are times when you are doing something and you know in your heart God wants you to do something else or He wants you to do it different than you are.You may not know why but you just know in your heart what is the right thing to do.
I hope and I pray you will find this helpful .If i need to explain it better just let me know and i will try to be clear.have a bledded niht me-Kimberly ps ---you are missed
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PostSubject: My sheep   Thu Apr 30, 2009 9:30 pm

I am hoping this post is still open. I am new and wanted to respond so here goes.

Quote :
Joh 10:27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

That is the simple answer. The deeper answer depends on one thing. Are you born again? If not then I will leave it at the simple for now. If you are then hearing God's voice is about having a personal relationship. I have been married for 11 years and there are more times then I can count where I hear my wife speaking long before she says a word. Weird huh? More to come if you are still interested.
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PostSubject: Re: Hearing God Talk..   

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Hearing God Talk..
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