Footsteps of The Carpenter

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 dinas testomony

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PostSubject: dinas testomony   Tue May 05, 2009 10:56 pm

this is not all but just some of my testomony i was asked to share so here gose.

i grew up in a church home so wen i was young i met the lord.i had no dought in my mind that i was gonna go to heaven some day.then alot of things started happining,my parents got devorced,and remaried.finnaly i moved in with my grandma i loved my grandma and she was the most inportant person in my life.she would read the bible everyday and pray with me.we would go to curch.i watched my grandma go through a lot of trials and never give up on the grandma gave me alot of good godly morels ones i will never grandma got sick and i started hanging around people i shouldnt,i moved in with my mom and step dad just so i could hang around whoever i wanted.i got older and older and i knew my relashionship with god wasnt what it should be.i was still going to church but i wasnt were i should be with friends going to church dont make you a christion.i met a guy we only new each other a day and started living together.soon got kicked out of my home w/nowere to go.we had to move on a friends pourch.if you think thats fun take it from me its was winter time and it was cold.i got pregnant and we had to move from place to place.i knew all along i wasnt doing what was right.having kids out of wedlock,that was not how i was raised or how i believe.all along still going to church i could not get any closser to god i was still a sinner.the preacher would preach directly to me,he didnt even have a clue what the problem was.i knew it was god.he was convicting me he wanted me to come back to day i finnaly had to make a dissision.i told my guy we had to get married or i was leaving.well,we got married,that day i rededicated my life to god.since then i have gotten much closser to god.i dont know how long god will let you go or how long enough is enough but ,i believe in my heart i was ver close.since then i have recieved the holy ghost what a joy and confert that has been.i will leave you all with this.i love you god loves long is god gonna wait till he says enough is enough?
come to christ today before its to are not promissed tomarrow or even 2 seconds from now.choose this day who you will serve!!!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: dinas testomony   Wed May 06, 2009 9:15 pm

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dinas testomony
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